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Electric Brew Controller

Brew-Boss has specifically designed electric brew controller for Brew-Boss automatic beer brewing systems and conventional brewing machines. This is for those who want to build their own electric brewery or already have a gas based brewing system and wants to convert to the benefits of electric brewing. We want to help those esteemed do-it-yourselfer in developing an enhanced brewing system that bestows performance and quality at its peaks.

The Brew-Boss® Controller is completely electric, which eliminates the dangers and inconveniences of gas (propane) based systems. After all, electricity is also much more efficient and economical than propane. This system utilizes a microprocessor based control box that controls an electric heater element, a recirculation pump, and an optional Hops-Boss® automatic hops feeder. There’s a quick connect with the Wi-Fi enabled devices such android and iOS, helping in remote sensory and easier control of the operations. Whether you are close or far away from your homebrew system, you can maximize or minimize the temperate, change time setting, brewing schedules through mobile applications. It operates in a completely automatic mode, or can be operated in manual mode for those that want manual control over their brewing process. Your electric brew controller is completely digitalized!

The Brew-Boss® controller will also control 2 and 3 vessel systems as well as your electric RIMS or HERMS! Simply add prompts in your step definitions to tell you when to change temperature probes, heater element, or pump.

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Brew-Boss Pro Controller Brew-Boss Pro Controller

Brew-Boss Pro Controller with Hops-Boss Interface (Drives two 5500 Watt Heaters)

Price: $1,199.00