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Quarter Party Tabletop Cornhole Game
This is the most awesome party game for groups of people like parents and players of traveling sports teams.
We find that this game is the first thing we pack when packing for our team overnights. Our daughter is a club volleyball player and we travel nationally for tournaments and end up in hotels with the other player's parents with nothing to do. Each year she may switch teams so we end up needing to get acquainted with an entirely new group of players and parents. This game is a real ice breaker. Everyone loves it and request we bring it to every tournament. We tried the similar wooden games on the market and, because they don't hold up well over time, we decided to invest in the vacuum forming tooling to make our own improved version. All our parents asked us for one, so we decided to make them available to everyone.
Although similar in looks to a traditional cornhole game, we've changed the rules to make it much more lively and action packed. It is played on a table top with players seated around the perimeter of the table. It makes an excellent drinking game as well as a betting game. It can be played by as few as 2 players and up to as many as 20+ players.
Each player has their own coin (US quarter is best, but nickles and dimes work as well). If you are playing for money prizes, every player places the appropriate anti into a kitty cup. We usually have each player put a quarter in the cup. The winner of the round will ultimately receive the entire contents of the kitty cup.

The game is started by selecting two starting players on opposite sides of the table (same number of people separating them on both sides from one another). One of the starting players is usually the winner of the last round. This is such a fun game that you will find you play many rounds! Each of the starting players is presented with one of the Quarter Party game boards.

Someone yells out "Quarter Party" and the two starting players with the game boards begin trying to get their coin into the hole on the game board. The player plays by bouncing the coin off the table so that it lands ideally in the hole on the game board. The players can only use their own quarter to play and must retrieve it wherever it lands after each unsuccessful attempt. A side twist if it is a drinking game as well is to require that the player drink from their beverage before continuing play! Once a player is successful in getting their coin into the hole on the game board, he/she passes the game board to the player on their left (clockwise around table).

The goal is to catch the other game board, so getting your coin into the hole as quickly as possible keeps you in the game. If a player makes the shot and the player on their left is still trying, he/she places the game board on top of the player's game board that is still trying. The player that got caught is now out of the game.

Play is resumed by starting again with the game boards distributed to players on opposite sides of the table with equal number of other players between them. The player that just took another player out is one of the starting players. If there are an odd number of remaining players, the player that just took another player out gets the advantage and will have fewer players to his/her left than the other player.

Play continues until only two players are left and they battle it out head to head. The winner gets the contents of the kitty cup!

There are similar games on the market made of wood. Wood is heavy and the units take up space in your luggage. It also dents easily and becomes blemished and the varnish on some models becomes sticky from beverages consumed during play!. We fabricated this game out of strong textured plastic to give the best play dynamics. The plastic boards are molded and nest easily for packing and are very light weight.

We've found that 2 boards are good for up to 10 players. If you will have more players than that, you may want to introduce a third and even a fourth board into the game. Remove game boards as appropriate as the number of remaining players is reduced. This item includes 2 playing boards.

Quarter Party Features:
  • Strong & Lightweight - Fits in luggage easily
  • Great for Kids & Adults
  • Great travel size game
  • Fun
  • Excellent for parties
  • Vacuum Formed Durable ABS plastic
  • Nesting design packs easily
  • Textured surface provides best surface for coins to slide into hole and resists scratching
  • Easily cleaned
  • Approximate size: 5" x 7" x 2"
  • 2 Playing boards included