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The Google Play and Amazon App stores have changed their requirements for apps submitted. These changes require that we rewrite a large portion of the application to comply with their new rules and it would compromise the functionality of the app. The changes would also cause the app to fail to run on older devices.

As such, we are discontinuing distribution of the Brew-Boss App on the Google Play and Amazon App stores. We are now providing the APK file so you can install the Brew-Boss app directly to your device. The APK file can be downloaded directly from the Documentation and Downloads tab of this web site or by clicking here. It is best to use the browser on your tablet to navigate to the Brew-Boss.com site and download the APK directly to your device.

Make certain to completely remove any legacy versions of the Brew-Boss app before installing the new APK using the uninstall feature of your device. You will also need to completely remove the "BrewBoss" folder from the device before installing the APK using a file manager app (we like ES File Explorer). After downloading the APK to your device, use the file manager app to install the APK. Make certain that you enable "install apps from unknown sources" in your device's security settings prior to installing the app.