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Stainless Steel Accessory Port Mounted Swirl-Boss Whirlpool Wand
Stainless Steel Accessory Port Mounted Swirl-Boss Whirlpool Wand

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Stainless Steel Accessory Port Mounted Swirl-Boss Whirlpool Wand

This version of the Swirl-Boss is designed to connect directly to the accessory port on the Brew-Boss Kettle. It is constructed of 304 Stainless Steel and is CNC bent to allow a simple mounting arrangement. The threaded section is tig welded. This unit will last a lifetime! A female "High Flow" Camlock attaches to the male Camlock of the Brew-Boss accessory port. If you want to use the Swirl-Boss with your Brew-Boss system, this is the version you want. This item works on Brew-Boss 15 and 20 gallon kettles only. It is 16 inches long and will not work in 10 gallon kettles. Please be certain that you have at least 16.5 inches of distance between the accessory port and the bottom of the kettle.

NOTE: If you don't own a Brew-Boss kettle, and want to use this device, you need to also purchase our Value Accessory Port for your kettle. The Value Accessory Port allows you to easily connect a hose to the outside of your kettle. Installation of the accessory port requires drilling a 7/8" diameter hole near the top of your kettle.

The Swirl-Boss Whirlpool Wand is an innovative device that creates a very fast whirlpool in your wort, using only the standard pump supplied with the Brew-Boss system. A special laser cut Flow Matched “E” Nozzle Design Directs Water Jets Along Kettle Wall and Inward at the Proper Angle to Optimize Whirlpool Rotation. This provides the fastest whirlpool rotation speed available. Whirlpooling is important to perform as it creates the magic “Hops Cone” in the middle of your kettle so you can transfer your wort to the fermenter free of hops trub. Because all the hops and other trub are forced to the middle of the kettle, transferring your wort to the fermenter via the valve on the outside of the kettle grabs clean wort, leaving the trub behind. Attach the Swirl-Boss to the accessory port on your Brew-Boss kettle and turn the pump on. In just a few minutes, the magic Hops Cone will be created.

Please note that the Swirl-Boss will not work with the Brew-Boss 10 gallon kettles.

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