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Weldless Heater Element Enclosure for Electric Breweries
Weldless Heater Element Enclosure for Electric Breweries

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Weldless Heater Element Enclosure for Electric Breweries

This enclosure is used to protect the electrical terminals and provide a ground location for electric heating elements that will install with a 1" locknut and silicone O-Ring.

Installing a heating element in this method is semi-permanent since it is not advisable to remove the element frequently as the gasket will need replacement often. You will have to clean your vessels with the element remaining in place (with the electrical cord still attached). The element enclosure is not fully waterproof so it is not recommend to submerge the exterior of your pot or fully spray it down either.

General info for all electrical enclosures:
The matter of enclosing the electrical connection of your heating element has long been the shortcoming of many Do-It-Yourself element installs. Many solutions relied on "potting" the exposed connections with silicone or epoxy which was a bit more permanent than practical. In addition to shielding the connections, another challenge is providing an earth ground point on the metal pieces. Our design solves both of these problems in an aesthetically pleasing and functionally adequate way.

What's included with all enclosure options:
Screw-together canister with ground screw and cord grip.
Electrical Connection Parts: One pair of crimp-on ring terminals to connect your cord (up to 10 gauge wire) to the element, and a single ring terminal to attach an earth ground to the canister, a couple pieces of shrink wrap tubing (shrink it over your crimp terminals with a lighter).
NOTE: Electric heating element is NOT included with this kit!!!

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Use the stock gasket from the heating element flange. Wrap the threads with several layers of teflon tape. Insert the threads through the hole in the enclosure first, then through a 1.25" hole in your vessel. Please ensure the hole is not sharp on the inside of your vessel. With the element in place, roll the red silicone oring down the threads to the vessel wall and thread the 1" NPS locknut onto the element with the notched side of the nut facing the oring. Continue turning the nut until it is about to contact the oring, but stop with one of the locknut hex "points" facing straight up. Now hold the locknut still while turning the element by its hex until everything is tight. If you get everything tight and still have a drip, it is most likely due to not using enough wraps of teflon tape under the nut. Take it apart and try again.

Sorry, Free Shipping not available on Clearance Items.