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Brew-Boss Pro Deluxe 1BBL Electric Brewery System
Brew-Boss Pro Deluxe 1BBL Electric Brewery System

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Brew-Boss Pro Deluxe 54 Gallon Electric Brewery System

This is a complete DELUXE system that is configured with all the components you need for a complete Deluxe production electric brewery. This system will produce batches up to 1 Barrel (31 Gallons). This system is perfect for the most demanding brewer. It is a perfect entry level system and is perfect for start-up nano breweries as well as for established commercial micro breweries for pilot or small batch production. The system is inexpensive and offers the highest level of control automation available for an electric brewery. There is no better value on the market today. The Android based control software automates nearly any recipe. It easily integrates with BeerSmith, Beer Alchemy, and other recipe design software.

The system includes Brew-Boss's patent pending COFI infusion filter. This filter contains the grains during mashing and provides excellent efficiency. Wort is continuously recirculated through the grains during mashing using a proprietary infusion tube design. This recirculation uses the grain bed as a filter media, producing clear wort. The filter has mesh sides and a mesh bottom and top. It also has a unique mash plate (false bottom) attached to the infusion tube that squeezes the remaining liquid out of the grains as the mash filter is removed from the kettle. This eliminates the need for a sparge.

This deluxe system includes nearly everything you'll need to start brewing with the exception of a wort chiller and fermentation vessels (and ingredients of course). We've tested several wort chillers and have found the Brutus by Exchilerator to be superior. We offer that wort chiller as an option, simply select that option when ordering this item.

For fermentation vessels, we highly recommend the
BrewMaster Series Chronical - 1 Barrel fermenter. This fermenter is a perfect companion to the Brew-Boss pro system. We've used that fermenter and it is simply awesome and well built. The included chilling coil and insulating cover allow lager fermentation anywhere.

The Complete Deluxe Brew-Boss Pro System Includes:
  • Brew-Boss Pro Controller with Hops-Boss Interface (Drives two 5500 Watt Heaters)
  • 54 gallon Brew-Boss Kettle and Cover
  • Mash Infusion Filter with Infusion Tube, Lift Ring, and Camlock Feed Tube Assembly
  • (2x) 5500 Watt Brew-Boss Tri-Clamp Ripple Heaters with Integrated L6-30P Plugs
  • Chugger Max Stainless Steel High temperature Pump 0.125 HP, 115 Volt
  • All Required Hoses and Stainless Steel Camlock Fittings
  • Deluxe Accessory Port
  • 1.5" Triclamp Gate Valve
  • 1/2" Flow Control Ball Valve
  • Digital Temperature Probe
  • Weldless Direct Contact Temperature Probe Mount
  • Stainless Steel Hose Clamps for Hoses
  • Brew-Boss Pickup Tube (allows you to drain almost all of your wort from kettle without tipping the kettle)
  • Brew-Boss Pro Brew Stand with Controller Mount, Pump Mount, Rotating Boom Hoist and Electric Winch
  • (5) Silicone Trivets (Support the kettle, prevent it from sliding and transferring heat to the brew stand)

The following items are offered as options:
  • Swirl-Boss Whirlpool Device (Accessory Port Mounted)
  • Accessory Port Mounted CIP Ball
  • Hops-Boss Pro Automated Pellet Hops Feeder
  • Hops Filter Spider 6" Diameter x 24" Long 300 Micron Stainless Steel Mesh
Note: We no longer sell Android Tablets with our systems. You will need an Android Tablet to run the Brew-Boss app on. We recommend a 10.1" screen or larger, but it will run on tablets with screen sizes 7" or larger. The app is not designed for phones and will not run on phones. If you don't have an Android tablet, we recommend this one from Amazon or an Amazon Fire tablet. Please note that the tablet support arm shown in pictures is not included. The Controller Mounting plate is pre-drilled to accept this mount.

The supplied 54 gallon kettle will do up to 31 gallon batches with OGs up to about 1.080, but that depends on recipe, efficiency, etc. If you are making bigger beers, net batch volume will be reduced or you may need to use the Hybrid Brewing Method (described on the FAQ's Page).

The Brew-Boss PRO controller is supplied with a 10 foot long, 4 conductor, 6 gauge cable for powering the unit with 240 Volts AC. It is highly recommended that you install a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) type breaker on the circuits you will be plugging/wiring the Brew-Boss Pro controller into. The controller is built with all UL Recognized components to UL standards, but currently is not UL certified and does not bear the UL logo. We can have the controller UL certified if required by your local electrical/building inspector for commercial installations (additional fees apply, contact us for more information).

Brew-Boss Pro Controller
The Brew-Boss Pro controller requires a 240 Volt 50 Amp GFCI circuit. The controller has two (2) 240 Volt output receptacles that connect to Brew-Boss Heater assemblies. It also has a 120 volt AC application controlled receptacle for the supplied pump. An additional 120 volt always on receptacle is provided for powering/charging the control tablet. Jacks are also provided for the digital temperature probe and the Hops-Boss Pro.

The Pro controller also has a rotary menu system that allows the controller to be used as a standalone controller without a tablet. This is useful for manually brewing or simply heating water, cleaning, etc. A simple menu system on the LCD allows setting parameters, turning the heater on/off, the pump on/off, setting timers, setting setpoints, and even controlling fermentation.

The controller has a 20 character x 4 line backlit LCD display that displays pertinent operational data.

The Brew-Boss Heaters are all stainless steel and designed especially for brewing.

They clean very easily and look brand new after each brew session.

The kettles are complete and are supplied with TIG welded ferrules for the heaters and valve ports. They also include the Weldless Direct Contact Temperature Probe Mount.

Each kettle is also equipped with an Accessory Port near the top of the kettle. This port has a Cam-Lock quick connect installed on both the inside and outside of the kettle to allow connection of the re-circulation system hardware. Of course, the kettle includes a cover/lid as well.

Brew-Boss Accessory Port

This DELUXE system uses the COFI mash infusion method.

Please note that systems are built to order and can take up to 3-4 weeks to ship based on order backlog and production schedules.

Warning - Shock Hazard!

elecwarningThis is an all electric system. It eliminates the many dangers associated with gas fired systems, but working with electricity can be dangerous. You can be seriously injured or worse die by electricity. This system requires that you provide a 240VAC 50 AMP GFCI circuit.

By ordering this product, you accept all liabilities for any and all damages that may occur by your usage of this equipment. Further you agree to install all equipment in accordance with your local codes and regulations as required. We will require that you sign liability release prior to shipping you hardware.