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Brew-Boss BIAB (Brew in a Basket) Mash Infusion Filter
Brew-Boss BIAB (Brew in a Basket) Mash Infusion Filter

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BIAB Basket Sizes:


Brew-Boss BIAB (Brew-In-A-Basket) Mash Infusion Filter for Brew-Boss Kettles

The Brew-Boss BIAB filter offers a lower cost alternative to the COFI mash infusion system and better performance than a mesh bag. These baskets optimize the efficiency of Brew-In-A-Bag (BIAB) type brewing. The filter is manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel mesh which holds the grain during the mash process, but allows water to flow through. This basket lasts forever and is easier to clean than mesh bags. It also allows stirring of the grains during mashing which can be very difficult with mesh bags. Please be aware that these

This basket requires the use of a BIAB type sparge/sprayer arm that sprays the recirculated mash water over the grains from the top. It is important to have flow control on the discharge side of your pump to reduce flow out of the pump so that the flow out of the filter matches the flow into the basket through the sparge/sprayer arm. This is to prevent the contents of the basket from overflowing the filter basket. The Brew-Boss sparge/sprayer arms mount to the side accessory port on the Brew-Boss kettles. If you are purchasing the Sparge/Sprayer arm and don't have a Brew-Boss kettle, you will also need to purchase a Brew-Boss accessory port.

The filter baskets are available in three sizes corresponding to Brew-Boss 10, 15, and 20 gallon kettles.

Sizes are:

10 Gallon - 11.5" Dia x 11.5" High (holds about 13 lbs of grain) Uses Sparge/Sprayer Arm for 10 Gallon Kettles
15 Gallon - 13.5" Dia x 14" High (holds about 20 lbs of grain) Uses Sparge/Sprayer Arm for 15 and 20 Gallon Kettles
20 Gallon - 15.5" Dia x 16.5" High (holds about 35 lbs of grain) Uses Sparge/Sprayer Arm for 15 and 20 Gallon Kettles

Note: Support feet add an additional 2.5" in height to the heights listed above

The support legs allow the filter to sit above the heating element and are 2-1/2 inches tall.

Sorry, we are out of stock on teh 15 gallon size!