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Testimonial from John Z.
My friend and I purchased two of your 20 Gallon Deluxe Cofi systems probably 16 months ago or so. Let me tell you, your system is one of the best if not the best system out there. It works great, makes great beer and its simple yet very complex. It’s so easy to make great beer, I almost feel guilty! I made some very good beer with my three tier system (or so I thought) but when using the same recipe in your system, I can’t believe how much better my beer tastes.

Testimonial from Franklin C
"I'm absolutely sold on this system. I must say as well that the 40 min video on YouTube is the absolute best example of an innovator who is certainly passionate about their product. The brew boss with cofi filter is simple where it should be and technical where it needs to be. Ultimately I want to brew the best beer with the shortest amount of cleanup and amount of gear. This seems to fit the bill perfectly."

Testimonial from Richard T.
"This system has kept my passion for homebrewing. I was sick and tired of all the tanks, water temp mangement, pumping and pouring back and forth, 4+ containers to decontaminate, multiple pumps etc. This system is incredibly well engineered and built. The welding and bonding quality was far above expectations and really makes me feel confident I can use this system for decades. It's so intuitive, I recommend it to people just starting brewing, because they will end up putting their money into coolers, heaters, burners, etc just to end up where they could be with this system with 0 frustration and 6 times the cleaning. It's not just making great beer once, it's making that great beer over and over for years to come and your system does it."

Testimonial from Justin S.
"I was just sitting here enjoying another of my fine beers when it struck me to email you. This time its not with a question or issue but with a compliment. I've now brewed about 50 sessions on the Brew-Boss and the thing is just great. The repeatability of my process has never been better and I am brewing better beer because of it. I've got my efficiency dialed in at 80% and my last 10 brews i've hit my expected numbers exactly.
If you are ever in the Pittsburgh area you need to look me up because I seriously owe you a beer (or more). Thanks for the great support and a great product. If you ever need anything from me, please don't hesitate to ask"

Post from "Smacker" - Homebrewtalk
"I have about 15 or so batches on my Brew Boss with bag system and can't say enough how pleased I am with it. From support by Darin to streamlining my brew-days and most of all the quality of beer from my system. always experimenting and have been trying to brew some big beers with the 15 gal. system. Have tried all 3 recipes that came with the system and all came out great. Hope to hear from all the new Brew Boss owners, you made a great choice!"

Post from "mcgimpkins" - Homebrewtalk
"I have to say the thing I really like about the system is the consistency and quality (of the beer). I dialed the system into Beer Smith, I put the grains etc. into the program and I pretty much do not have to check my gravity or water levels. If I brew 5.5 gallons, it gives me 5.5 gallons in the carboy, with the exact gravity that I want, and half the time that it is brewing I wonder away and do other things and check in on the system or throw in hops. In addition I find with the no sparge in the COFI the quality of my beer has went up, not to mention I can hold a consistent mash temp when it is 15 F outside.
Overall I am very happy with my purchase and I wish I would have bought a Brew Boss sooner than I did."

Post from "OkashiiBrew" - Homebrewtalk
"Amazing, easy to brew, easy to clean. FANTASTIC customer service. 20 minutes to heat strike water vs. an hour with a blichmann burner. Only 1 pot to clean instead of 2 and rinsing out the 3rd, an hlt. Running pbw in the EXCHILERATOR vs using a toilet brush on an immersion chiller. Steady no fuss mash temps vs. turning on and off the propane on my RIMS system. Anybody want to buy my 3x 15 gallon, 2 pump, 3 burner RIMS setup?"

Post from Hugh C - Facebook
"Another great brew session tonight the system is amazing! Thank you Brew boss!"
Post from Andy B - Facebook
"The Brew-Boss worked outside last night at -6. Pretty dang impressive. I have to brew outside due to some constraints. This was the first test without any extra help like insulation on the kettle etc."
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