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Deluxe 240 Volt Electric Brewery System with 20 Gallon Kettle and COFI Mash System

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Product Code: BB240-DLX20

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Deluxe 20 Gallon 240 Volt Electric Brewery System

This is a complete DELUXE system that is pre-configured with all the components you need for a complete Deluxe electric brewery. It is our most popular system. This system is perfect for the most demanding homebrewer and is just as popular for commercial nano and micro breweries as a pilot or small batch system. be the envy of all your friends with this ultimate Deluxe system!

It includes:
  • 240 Volt V2.0 Brew-Boss Controller with Hops-Boss Interface Kit
  • 10.1" Android Tablet with Brew-Boss App Installed
  • 20 gallon Brew-Boss Kettle and Cover
  • COFI Mash Infusion Filter with Center Infusion Tube, Lift Ring, and Camlock Feed Tube Assembly
  • 5500 Watt Brew-Boss Tri-Clamp Ripple Heater with Integrated L6-30P Plug
  • 24 Volt DC Stainless Steel Pump with Universal Voltage Power Supply
  • Hose and Stainless Steel Camlock Fittings
  • Deluxe Accessory Port
  • Flow Control Ball Valve
  • Digital Temperature Probe
  • Weldless Direct Contact Temperature Probe Mount
  • Stainless Steel Wing Nut Type Hose Clamps for Hoses on High Pressure Side of Pump
  • Swirl-Boss Whirlpool Device (Accessory Port Mounted)
  • Brew-Boss Pickup Tube (allows you to drain almost all of your wort from kettle without tipping the kettle)
  • Brew-Boss Brew Stand with Rotating Boom Hoist and Self Locking Rope Hoist
  • Hops-Boss Automated Pellet Hops Feeder
  • Hops Filter Spider 6" Diameter x 16" Long 300 Micron Stainless Steel Mesh
  • (3) Silicone Trivets (Support the kettle, prevent it from sliding and transferring heat to the brew stand)
This system includes the Brew-Boss custom designed brew stand that includes an integrated rotating hoist/boom support that allows you to use the included locking lifting rope hoist or upgrade to the optional electric winch mount kit that allows you to use the Harbor Freight style electric hoist. The innovative stand design allows you to remove your COFI filter easily and then rotate it away from the kettle to the side of the support and lower it into a waste can or plastic bin (neither included). The hoist arm is 96" high from the floor, so you will need to make certain you have adequate vertical space for this stand. It is possible to cut the vertical support for he boom shorter based on your needs, you just have to make certain you have enough lifting range to remove your COFI filer for your size kettle.

Please note that this system includes a
locking rope hoist for lifting the COFI filter from the kettle. The electric hoist mounting bracket is available as an option. You provide your own electric hoist (Harbor Freight).

The 20 gallon kettle will do 5 or 10 gallon batches as a full volume mash and 15 gallon batches if needed using the Hybrid method described in our FAQ's page.

The 240 Volt Brew-Boss controller is supplied with a 15 foot long 10 gauge cable for powering the unit with 240 Volts AC. The 240VAC power cable is supplied with an L6-30P twist lock plug. It is highly recommended that you install a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) type breaker on the circuits you will be plugging the Brew-Boss into. If you need a plug other than the L6-30P provided, you may simply cut the supplied plug off and connect a plug that matches your outlet.

This controller requires a 240 Volt 30 Amp circuit with a GFI breaker installed to operate. The controller has a single 240 Volt output plug that connects to a Brew-Boss Heater assembly as well as a 240 Volt output plug for a 240 volt pump. A digital temperature probe is also included with this controller. We include a 10" Android Tablet with the Brew-Boss application installed for you.

The Brew-Boss Heaters are all stainless steel and designed especially for brewing.

They clean very easily and look brand new after each brew session.

The kettles are complete and are supplied with TIG welded ferrules for the heater(s) and valve ports. They also include the Weldless Direct Contact Temperature Probe Mount, as well as a stainless steel drain valve.

20 Gallon Brew-Boss Kettle with COFI Infusion Filter Installed

Each kettle is also equipped with an Accessory Port near the top of the kettle. This port has a Cam-Lock quick connect installed on both the inside and outside of the kettle to allow connection of the re-circulation system hardware. Of course, the kettle includes a cover/lid as well.

Brew-Boss Accessory Port

This DELUXE system uses the COFI mash infusion method.

20 Gallon COFI Mash Infusion Filter

Please note that systems are built to order and take 1-2 weeks to ship based on order backlog.

Warning - Shock Hazard!

elecwarningThis is an all electric system. It eliminates the many dangers associated with gas fired systems, but working with electricity can be dangerous. You can be seriously injured or worse die by electricity. This system requires that you provide a 240VAC 30 AMP circuit and the appropriate power plug for 240VAC systems and dual 15 AMP 120VAC circuits for 120VAC systems. The use of ground fault interrupter(s) (GFI) is highly recommended. If you are not comfortable or not knowledgeable with electrical wiring please have a certified electrician wire your system.

By ordering this product, you accept all liabilities for any and all damages that may occur by your usage of this equipment. Further you agree to install all equipment in accordance with your local codes and regulations as required. We will require that you sign liability release prior to shipping you hardware.