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Our kettles are custom designed and made from high quality stainless steel and bear the Brew-Boss logo. These kettles are equipped with TIG welded Tri-Clamp type ferrules for the heater and valve. They are durable and look awesome.

We've also designed our own heating elements and had them fabricated specifically for us. They are designed specifically for brewing. They are made from shiny, durable Stainless Steel and clean up very easily. They look brand new after each brew session. They are 100% stainless steel and will not rust! They include built in L6-30P plug and triclamp style ferrules right on them. No assembly or special weldless housing required for our innovative beer brewing system.

Brew-Boss is the only homebrew system available that includes a
patent pending technology we call the COFI filter. COFI is an acronym for

The Brew-Boss COFI filter is an exciting new patent pending technology that optimizes the efficiency of Brew-In-A-Bag (BIAB) type electric brewing system. The filter is manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel mesh which holds the grain during the mash process, but allows water to flow through.

A central infusion tube, that is perforated with a series of flow-matched holes, extends all the way to the bottom of the filter.

During the mash cycle, water/wort is continuously pumped from the bottom of the kettle to the top of the filter, into the central infusion tube, where it is forced through the grain bed. Water passing through the grain bed flows out of the filter to the bottom of the kettle. This Center Out Forced Infusion (COFI) technology assures that all the grain is in constant contact with the mash water and that there are no dead spots. No stirring is required as the homebrew system is self agitating and efficiency is thereby optimized. The COFI filter is also very easy to clean, simply invert it in a sink and spray it with your sprayer! Because it is made of stainless steel, it will not rust and will last indefinitely.

The central infusion tube is also connected to a false bottom. After mashing is completed, the elbow fitting at the top of the COFI filter is exchanged with a lifting ring. When removing the filter, the filter is lifted by the lift ring. This brings the false bottom towards the fixed cover of the electric brewing system, allowing the weight of the filter to squeeze the grain. This squeezing action extracts much of the trapped sweet wort from the grain.

The Brew-Boss® system uses the same Brew-Boss® controller as we provided in the past. So you still get the voice directed prompts and all the other perks the Android Tablet based software offers. The Brew-Boss app is free in the Google Play store. Load it onto your tablet and give it a try.

If you are unfamiliar with the Brew-Boss® homebrew system home brew system, it is an all electric home beer brewing system that allows home brewers to brew extract or all-grain recipes with complete and accurate automatic control of temperature and timing. Automated control provides consistent results every time. No other system available offers this level of automated brew control. It actually talks you through the brew process.

Complete homebrew systems are available in 10, 15, and 20 gallon versions in both 120VAC or 240VAC options. The 10 gallon version produces a 5 gallon net batch, the 15 gallon version is capable of 5 or 10 gallon net batches, and the 20 gallon system is capable of 5, 10 and 15 gallon batches.

The Brew-Boss® Controller is also available separately, for those that want to build their own electric brewery or convert their existing gas fired beer brewing systems to the convenience and safety of electric. For the do-it-yourselfer, there is also a Brew-Boss "Brain" kit or say homebrew hardware that supplies the brains of the controller so you can add it to your existing electric brewery panel or build your own panel.

The Brew-Boss® homebrew hardware System utilizes a microprocessor based control box that controls an electric heater element, a recirculation pump, and an optional Hops-Boss® automatic hops feeder (Coming Soon!). A quick-connect digital temperature probes is also supplied with each controller.

The Brew-Boss® controller communicates wirelessly with the electric brewing system via Wi-Fi with an Android Tablet App. This awesome App provides a color touch screen graphical user interface that allows complete control over the brewing process. The controller walks you through the brewing process using textual and voice prompts. All steps and parameters relative to the brewing process can be modified by the user to control nearly any brew setup or brew process. It operates in a completely automatic mode, or can be operated in manual mode for those that want manual control over their brewing process. The APP will also run on the ANDY (http://www.andyroid.net/) Android emulator on a Windows or MAC laptop or PC with Wifi capability! This means you can run the Brew-Boss app on your existing Windows or MAC laptop!! The Brew-Boss app is free on the Google Play Store. load the ANDY emulator and take the Brew-Boss app for a spin!

The homebrew system base system provided operates as an Electric Brew-in-a-Bag (E-BIAB) system with a single kettle, and we still offer this less costly version of the product. The BIAB methodology is just now starting to become popular because of its simplicity and relatively low cost of equipment relative to traditional 3 vessel brewing systems that utilize separate vessels for heating, mashing, and boiling. The Brew-Boss® homebrew hardware is designed to use a single vessel with a false bottom that prevents the "strainer bag" from touching the heating element.

Here is a great writeup on BIAB as well Called "The Best Way to Brew". It discusses using propane (yuk), but the process description is helpful for those that have never BIAB brewed before.

The Brew-Boss® controller will also control 2 and 3 vessel systems as well as your electric RIMS or HERMS! Simply add prompts in your step definitions to tell you when to change temperature probes, heater element, or pump.

The homebrew system is completely electric, which eliminates the dangers and inconveniences of gas (propane) based systems. Electricity is also much more efficient and economical than propane.

The Brew-Boss® System is a great value and competitively priced.

Brew-Boss Features and Benefits

• Brew-Boss controller automates all temperature, timing, & pump control.

• Electronic process control provides consistent results batch after batch.

• Available with Mesh Bag or the New COFI Filter System
• User defined steps configurable to nearly any brew process.

• Brew all-grain batches in 3½ hours including clean-up!

• Complete systems and conversion kits available.

• Supports Conventional or Brew-in-a-Bag (BIAB) brewing methods.

Electric Brewing Benefits:
- More economical - 1/5 the cost of propane
- Safer - No carbon monoxide or risk of explosion
- Efficient - 100% of BTUs transferred to wort
- Accurate - Holds temperatures +/- 1 degree
- Faster - 3½ hours for 10 gallon batch including clean-up
- Quiet - No obnoxious “roar” of the burner
- Convenient - Brew indoors in a sanitary environment

• Android Tablet application provides:
- Simple - press “Start” and follow the prompts
- Convenient process monitoring and control
- Graphical Interface with Speech Prompts
- Saving and recalling brew steps & parameters
- Automatic or manual control

• Automatic Hops-Boss hops feeder option that dispenses hops automatically.

• All Food/Brewery Grade Components

• Great Value - Affordable

• First time home brewers can brew all grain perfectly the first time!